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Watching the world pass me by.....

Life is just a dream........a dream I can't wake up from

6 December
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Welcome to my Profile

Name: Amanda
Nick Name: Ama, Mandy Wandy Poo (ray's nickename for me)
Pen Name: A. D. Mervine
Age: 16
Appearance- I am 5'5, and yes I realize that is short. I currently have medium legnth brown hair with blond highlights. I have a slight tan all year, due to the fact I'm 1/4 Native American. From what I am told, I have almond shaped honey brown eyes with golden specks. A number of people have commented that they change colour according to my mood...and can look almost golden...... which is... bizarre...My best features are probably my hands, they're piano- playing type hands, long and elegant, and my eyes, since eveyone is always staring into them. You'll find I'm fairly relaxed, humorous, sarcastic, quick temper, funny, opptomisitc

My Fav. films are:
The Phantom of the Opera
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Harry Potter (all movies)
Interview with the vampire
Van Helsing
Pirates of the Caribbean
Kingdom of Heaven

My Fav. Books are:
Harry Potter
The Lord of the Rings
The Phantom of the Opera
All Christine Feehan's books

Favourite actors:
Orlando Bloom
Gerard Butler
Johnny Depp
Joaquin Phoenix
Gary Oldman
Hugh Jackman

Favourite actress':
Catherine Zeta Jones
Keira Knightley
Jennifer Connoly
Liv Tyler

Fun facts about me!::

Yes, I am British, and Native American. No comments please on my 'people' fighting my 'other people'

I love Ramen Noodles (chicken flavor)

I'm a vegetarian

I can't spell!

I think that the following are drop dead sexy:
Erik (Phantom of the Opera)
Dracula (Gary Oldman)
Sirius Black (in my head),
Dracula (Gerard Butler)
Will Turner (POTC)
Prince Paris (Troy)
Joe (Ned Kelly)
Balian (Kingdom of Heaven)

Favorite Anime List
Fruits Basket
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Gun Grave
Card Captors
Dragon Ball/Z/GT

I hold personal claim to these at potter_claiming:
*Remus' love
*Remus' Robes
*Remus' underpants
*Tutoring with Lupin
*Remus' wand
*Wolfsbane Potion
*Moony's Fangs
*"I'll look for him later, I expect I'll find him upstairs crying his eyes out over my mother's old bloomers or something...Of course, he might have crawled up into the airing cupboard and died...But I mustn't get my hopes up..." -Sirius Black
*Peter's silver hand
*Sirius Black's wand
*Bellatrix's firey stare
*Sirius Black's intense kiss
*James's Seeker Skills
*Forbidden Forrest
*Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch
*Nights with Sirius in the Forbidden Forest
*Fullmoon nights with Remus in the Forbidden Forest

Claims at__ohsoslytherin
*Tom Riddle

Claims atlando_claims
*Orlando Bloom
*Orlando's cock
*Shy's Wet Body
*Balian's Cock

Communities I own:

Communities I'm in:

My Role Play journals:

fireybombshell for the rp: __rictumseprarp
ana_rose1975 for the rp: __rictumseprarp
katrina_lennox for the rp: _morsmordre_rp
dumbeldore_darp for the rp: _morsmordre_rp
christinedaee_ for the rp: operapopulaire_

A is for Adaptable
M is for Magical
A is for Abstract
N is for Nutty
D is for Dramatic
A is for Alluring

Which HP Kid Are You?


Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X: Kenshin/Kaoru, Aoshi/Misao, Sano/Megumi, Saitoh/Tokio
Yu Yu Hakusho:Kayko/Yusuke, Kuwabara/Yukina, Kurama/Hiei, Botan/Koenma
Inuyasha: Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, Sesshoumaru/(older) Rin, Sesshoumaru/Kagura
Cowboy Bebop: Spike/Faye, Spike/Julia
Outlaw Star: Gene/Melfina, Jim/Aisha
Card Captor Sakura: Syaoron/Sakura, Eriol/Tomoyo, Yue(Yukito)/Touya, Yue(Yukito)/Ruby Moon(Nakuru), Fujitaka/Sonomi
Sailor Moon: Usagi/Mamoru, Ann/Allen
Dragon Ball Z: Bulma/Vegeta
Gundam Wing: Zechs/Noin, Wufei/Sally
Trigun: Millie/Wolfwood, Meryl/Vash
Naruto: Sakura/Sasuke, Kakashi/Iruka, Naruto/Hinata
Buffy: Buffy/Spike
Angel: Fred/Spike
Xmen Evolution: Storm/Wolverine, Pietro/Tabitha, Pietro/Lance, Kurt/Kitty, Rogue/Gambit, Wolverine/Gene
Harry Potter: Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Draco, Harry/Ginny, , Ginny/Draco, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, (damn you fanfiction, one good one and I’m hooked.)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Anamaria, Will/OC, Jack/OC
The Lord Of The Rings: Legolas/OC, Aragon/Arwen, Aragon/OC
The Justice League: Batman/Wonder Woman, Green Lantern/Hawkgirl
Justice League Unlimited:Wonder Woman/Batman
Teen Titans: Terra/Beast Boy, Raven/Beast Boy, Raven/Cyborg(Friendship), Robin/Starfire, Robin/Raven, Starfire/Raven(Friendship)
Wolf’s Rain: Tsume/Toboe (friendship), Hige/Blue, Kiba/Cheza, Hige/Kiba (friendship)
Van Helsing: Van Helsing/Anna
Digimon: Ken/Miyako
Pokemon:Jessie/James, Butch/Cassidy
Fruits Basket: Yuki/Tohru, Kyo/Kagura

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Orlando Bloom is sexy british love.
Made by shadow_caller

Sirius Black is Love

Sirius Black is Love

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Remus Lupin is Love

Is Passionate Love.
Made by

Pandora's Box

The evil Phantom is Love

The phantom of the Opera is love

House, M.D. is Love

Batman Begins is Love

Keira Knightley is Love

David Wenham is Love

Ian McKellen is Love

Johnny Depp is Love

Liv Tyler is Beautiful Love

Orlando Bloom is Love

Sean Bean is Love

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Your Slanguage Profile

Aussie Slang: 75%
Canadian Slang: 50%
Prison Slang: 50%
Victorian Slang: 75%
British Slang: 75%
New England Slang: 25%
Southern Slang: 0%

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